About Us

Beaver Hill Plantation has been a family owned and operated Maple Syrup and Firewood business since 2011. We are located in the heart of Freedom, Maine. We have a profound appreciation for the areas deep rooted history and our foundation reflects that reverence. Beaver Hill Plantation was founded by the State of Massachusetts in 1811. In 1813, while still a part of Massachusetts, Beaver Hill Plantation, along with other neighboring areas, were reorganized and incorporated as the Town of Freedom. In 2011, on the two hundredth anniversary of the founding of Beaver Hill Plantation, we decided to incorporate Beaver Hill Plantation LLC as a business under the State of Maine. 

Our family has been farming here since 1980. In August of 2014, our family established an easement on 500 acres of our land through the Maine Farmland Trust, ensuring our farmland will be protected for generations to come. We consistently and meticulously follow conservation practices by adopting forest management plans and other long-term stewardship procedures. We are a certified USDA organic maple syrup producer recognized by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardners Association (MOFGA) in 2019. 

We began selling firewood in 2011 and in 2012 we began producing maple syrup. Along the way we have acquired a firewood processor, a saw mill, and other equipment. Maple syrup has been our main focus, but we also produce and sell firewood, lumber and are waiting for our Christmas trees to mature. 

In 8 seasons as a maple producer we are still learning but we have decided that even though we have enough maple to be a fairly large producer someday, we don’t want to go away from burning wood to make our syrup. In 2019 we bought a new wood fired evaporator, and we are able to produce syrup at a very

efficient rate. We use slab wood from our saw mill and waste wood from our firewood processor. Recently, we decided to transition away from single use plastic jugs to glass jars which can be returned.

As do most Maple Operations in Maine, we participate in Maple Syrup Weekend which is the third weekend in March. During this celebration of all things maple, we offer tours and horse-drawn wagon rides through the orchard on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as provide samples, sales, demonstrations, and lots of stories.