About Beaver Hill Plantation

Maple grove treesWe are a small family run farm in central Maine specializing in Maine maple products and processed firewood. Our family has been farming our land in Freedom for over 30 years. Like many Maine farm families, we draw from a diverse background and heritage in dairy, beef and vegetable farming, forestry, maple sugaring, and hunting. Beaver Hill Plantation, now three years old, is focusing on providing quality maple products, firewood and registered “Belted Galloway” beef cows.

As a family, we have a great interest in Maine history and keeping the Maine farming heritage alive. If you are in the central Maine region and see the steam rising, stop in and take a journey back in time. Visit our sugar house and orchard to compare how maple syrup is being made today using modern techniques, while also taking a look at collecting and boiling off syrup the way our forefathers did it.

Here at Beaver Hill Plantation, most of our trees are tapped using tubing which is strung from tree to tree, finally ending up at a sap collection tank at the sugar house. However because we appreciate the old ways, we also tap approximately 100 trees with buckets in a smaller Heritage Orchard. The Heritage Orchard is a completely outdoor experience where we utilize traditional “sugaring” methods. The Beaver Hill kids especially love maintaining the Heritage Orchard sap buckets!

MAINE MAPLE SUNDAY is always the 4th Sunday in March, but we are open the whole weekend, or anytime you steam rising over the sugar house. If you visit Beaver Hill Plantation on Maine Maple Weekend, join us in tapping a sugar maple tree the way our ancestors would, using a hand drill and hanging a bucket on one of the trees in our Heritage Orchard. We have activities for the whole family including tapping trees, emptying buckets, syrup making over our wood-fired evaporator, filtering, bottling, maple refreshments, and a nature area for the kids.

Beaver Hill Plantation participates in the Maine Maple Producers Association (MMPA), and the Small Woodlot Owners Association of Maine (SWOAM). Beaver Hill Plantation is also a certified Tree Farm.